Monday, 26 March 2018

Timeus Kiwisport And Volleyball Reflection

Hi my name is Timeus and today I am going to be talking about my reflection that I did today. We were doing Kiwisport and Volleyball (P.E) but we were Separated into our groups, so homegroup one was going first to kiwisport and Homegroup 2 which it is my group stayed at the courts for P.E lesson which is Volleyball. In volleyball for P.E, We were doing some exercise that was relating to volleyball so what we did is that we were shuffling around the court line. The reason why we did this is because it is to help us move around the court when we are playing and also to always be confident to try and hit the ball to the next person of the court, this makes it easier for that person to know how to always get that energy to move with your legs. 

One of the things that helped me do this is that it helps me to the circulation of my body so that you have enough energy to trained. The next thing that we did is about learning how to play Volleyball. In this sport you have come across 6 people in each team. So two people will stand in the front, The other person has to stand on the middle then another two people will go to the back and the server is the opposite corner of the  court will have to serve the ball to over the net so that the game will get started of the match. One of the things you must not do is that you not allowed to hit the ball with your palm because wanted you do that then you will get called by the ref (For short) and the ball will go over to the next server of the enemy group and this makes it easier. The only way you have to not smack the ball is when you are using your wrist is if the ball will do a little smack but it won't make this a penalty.

After we finished P.E then we head to Kiwisport for tennis to practice on what we did from our previous lesson. So what we did is that we were learning how to serve the ball using a ball and a racket. One of the things that you must do when you are serving the ball is that you have to put your left leg forward and your right leg backward so that you have a lot of power and you can hit the ball harder, this makes it easier for the person that is serving to always have to hit the ball really hard again but not going over the back line or else this will considered as a out of bounds.

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