Friday, 16 March 2018

Timeus Kiwisport & Cricket Reflection 2018

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Today I am going to be talking about my reflection about what I did at school. The reason why I wanted to be able to show to you guys my reflection is so that you might be reflect on you have did as well. So what I did today is that I went to cricket because the other home team group decided to go to Kiwisport which is Tennis. So we went to cricket to play a game of the sport at the field. 

I really like this game because it helps me to build my hauora throughout my learning and also to take a break to also get fresh air so that it can help me to improve more of my physical learning. This is better than just staying home all else you will not be in good shape and so that is why it is important to always go outside and play sports so that I can always focus on what I would have to do.

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