Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Timeus Obama Visit New Zealand Reflection

Hi my name is Timeus and today I am going to be talking about reflection about Obama Visiting New Zealand. So today I am going to be talking about it. When I was getting dropped off by my mom, I heard on the radio that obama came to New Zealand for something that me and my mum don't know. But when I read in the article, I know that Obama came to New Zealand on a Private Jet plane from singapore to New Zealand and then the Obama family landed on the airport. They had security with them so that people will not gain up on the president to make them feel safe and also not get attacked by other people, When he came he was getting a hotel or a house at bay of islands and he decided that he wanted to play golf with a Former Prime Minister John Key, They and the prime minister were having a great conversation about things that they were doing and also politics, And talking about things are happening in america or how is it at america.
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