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Timeus Poetry About the Glaziery Pool Of Lagoon Reflection

Remember the S.L.A.M. prompts
  • How are the line breaks structured?
  • How are the stanzas organised?
  • Is there punctuation? What does it look like?
  • How does the structure affect the meaning of the poem?
  • Is there figurative language present? (simile, metaphor, alliteration,, onomatopoeia, )
  • Are there sound devices present? (rhythm, rhyme, repetition)
  • Is there sensory language in the poem?
  • Mood - How does the poem make you feel? What emotions are evoked because of the language being used?
  • Tone - How does the author feel or want you to feel when you read the
  • poem?
  • What is the subject of the poem? (What is the poem mainly about?)
  • Is there symbolism? What is the deeper meaning of the symbols used in the poem?
  • What is the central message or theme of the poem?
  • Why is the t i t l e important and how does it set the context of the poem?

What is the title of your poem? Make it catchy
Glaziery pool of lagoon
Stanza 1
Introduce the topic of your poem through descriptive vocabulary and language
I saw lifeguards that were very creepy and they look like they were a mouse being so quiet and always observing the area like they are wearing glasses. Why would they named themselves ‘lifeguards’ if they are guards but not that they can come back to life.
Stanza 2
Use figurative language to creatively describe the topic of your poem
Water waving the wind around making it way way way coolier which is so breeze. SPLASH!, water pouring down like a slow motion moment and into that person's face like a person that is crying with fear and water dripping down into the concrete. Then it goes PLOOP onto the ground creating an outrageous echo throughout the distance in a place like the scary dark alley or tunnel.
Stanza 3
Use figurative language to creatively describe the topic of your poem
When I came out of the dressing room in the boys changing room. People were like raging throughout the corridor creating chaos everywhere. People that are screaming makes it echo again which I can hear it when they are talking like they are in the mall. I can’t understand a word they are saying because of the echoey that are sounding like someone is speaking to me making it so difficult to hear.
Final Stanza
What message are you wanting the reader to understand?
Always enjoy the nice beautiful sun across the horizon and think of the things about going inside a pool that is so chilling and even if you have no air conditioner but outside it is hot then relax in a nice cold pool.
WALT: Learn about what is Fugitive Language and also What it means by writing something that it looks like a Poetry?

Hi my name is Timeus and today I am going to be talking about my reflection about Poetry. This poetry is all about the 'Glaziery Pool Of Lagoon', This was my title because I wanted to be able to make it catchy so that it can describe what am I saying to the reader. What you are seeing is that all of these 4 are all stanza which it would stand for paragraphs as the same but in poetry it is called a stanza. Each of these paragraphs can be written by describing something that they Saw, What they Hear and What they smell like. In stanza 1, You have to write a introduction about what you saw when doing poetry, This is what I have for my Poetry and I hope you enjoyed this blog post

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