Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Timeus Tai Chi Lesson #4 Reflection

Hi my name is Timeus and today I am going to be talking about reflection about my Day of Tai Chi. In Tai Chi, We had Mr Gordon with us again to reflect on what we did the other day for Tai Chi. What we learned about is that we were learning each stances that we got teached such as the dragon stance, the crane stance and other stance. This was good to reflect on what we did in the other session so that we can how to reflect properly and also it will help you with your critically thinking. I think that next time we should do more games every wednesday so that we can learn what it means and also how it works in each of the powerful. Speaking of powerful words, One of the words that we learning about this on Tai Chi is the 'Listening'. I think that this word is very important to me because it helps you to listen to someone that is talking and also to help you with the things that you sometimes don't know. For example, when you are like at are army or something like that then you must pay attention to your role that you have to do. If you don't follow the role and you were not listening then you will have consequences with your life and also other people around you. So that is why you have to always follow your goal or instructions without getting asked help and you will get in trouble. This think really helped me with my learning because I wanted to be able to show confidence towards other people and also to each other in my family. So next time when I am either presenting or saying a speech to the audience then I must have Courage to show confidence towards each other and so that I won't have to be shy of doing something that I don't like doing. But that's not the only word that we learned from each lesson. Mr gordon wanted to learn the word control but he got stuck in a traffic and his car broke down the other day and he decide to cancel the lesson and decided to wait for the next day next week. But yeah the word 'control is a really powerful word to learn. Sometimes when I am at school I usually came up with these sort of circumstances and it makes it difficult for me to learn or even when I feel angry or something I don't know how to control my emotions with other people that are interacting with me. So that is why I think that this word is very important to me because it helps me to build my Hauora towards myself and also to always not get in the way with other people around me. So next time when I get into the fact that I cannot control my angry then the word 'Control' will help me throughout my life because I can now control myself from others around me, I think to myself that this was the best opportunity to go to Tai Chi so that you can build yourself some thinking of your brain and also you circulation of your own body. The next word I am going to be discussing today from our previous lesson is all about being 'Aware' of yourself. Sometimes your going to the shop to buy something and you decided to go to the parking lot all by yourself and you might think that you are facing your fear around because you don't know how to go by yourself, so you always have to be aware of other people around you because they can really trouble around you if you are not carefully to others, Some other people are nice but you think that person will let you go into his car and drove to somewhere else without are car. So that is why you have to always be aware of yourself around you. 

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