Monday, 26 March 2018

Timeus Writing Reflection

Hi my name is Timeus and today I am going to be talking about reflection about writing. The reason why I will be talking about my writing is so that It will help you to develop more of your thinking and also being able to use your critically thinking properly and also yourself. So that is why I am going to be talking about my reflection that I did today with mrs Komor. Today we were learning about figurative language. But first what we learned at our previous lesson of writing is all about simile. What I know about the word simile is that it is all about comparing into two different types of things for your writing. This word was very interesting because it is very important when you are writing a sentences on your books and so it will increase your learning and also again your critically thinking. The reason why I think that this is the way to learn all about writing is that it is to help you gather knowledge of what it means by this and also to always think of what you are going to write something that you are willing to write. Then the next word we were learning is Onomatopoeia. The word Onomatopoeia is all about the sounds that we make and the animals make. For example, Bark, Mooo ( Cow Sound) and also Tweet-tweet-tweet ( Makes bird sound). When you are reading a book or something and you are finding a word that is saying 'bark' but then they think it is just a word but it makes the sound at also it points to the character that is making that sound which makes it easier for the reader to read so that the reader will know that it is a onomatopoeia which makes sounds. This word is very important for the reader to know so that he/she can get better reading the book of what she reading. That is for my reflection and I hope you will understand what it all means now because you were able to build knowledge throughout your learning of your reading and also writing and also you get better of doing that.

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