Monday, 30 April 2018

Timeus Holiday Reflection Term 2

Hi my name is Timeus and today I am going to be talking about my reflection of what I did in Term 2, The reason why I am going to be talking about this is because I had a awesome holiday for two weeks and today I am willing to make sure of for this term.

What I did in the holiday is that I have been playing fortnite for the past 2 months 24/7 everyday. Fortnite is a survival genre game that was developed by epic games, this game markeds as the the most popular game in the world with 2 millions of people that are playing this game. What my goal was in the holidays was that I had to reach level the highest level until the next season so that I don't have to play everytime I'm in a Higher level. I was playing fortnite with my uncle because he had a PS4 and I wanted to be able to spend time playing fortnite with him so that I can build bond with my uncle. 

During times when I'm not playing my game, I usually help my mum with the chores even when my mums partner is not here then I would help her, we were showing teamwork to each other by helping each other with the chores so that everything makes it nice and clean. This makes it easier me to clean so that I don't have to make another mess on the benches, Sometimes my mum will have to ask me to do the dish's but we would take turns doing it so that it makes it easier again for us to not waste our energy for just one person to do it.

But yeah, that is all that I did in the holidays because I didn't do much in the holidays but instead I played fortnite everyday 24/7.

That is all for today and I hope you enjoyed this blog post
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