Thursday, 12 April 2018

Timeus Volleyball Reflection

Hi my name is Timeus and today I am going to be talking about reflection about my volleyball practice. The reason why I am able to share this as part of physical and that is because so that we might be able to learn how to control our health in many other ways and also with our body's that we are doing. Today I was learning to play volley with my teachers and also the whole syndicate of the school. I think that it is really important to learn how to play is so that you can get use to the field of the game when joining a team of 6 in a volleyball match. One of the things in the game of volleyball is that you must not hit the ball when you opponent is hitting out of the boundary line or else you will get called the foul, other rule is to always not carry the ball even if you are about to hit but you can't then don't catch it but the ball wil be hand over to the other team for serving. 

On the first practice, we were learning how to serve the ball with only your hands but not your legs. If you like kick the ball of the net then it will be a false serve and the ball will get the next teams serve. When you serve the ball, you must be aware of where the is going to go, If you hit the ball when you serve and it either went on the outline or not over net then the referee will call you, In our practice, we didn't know how to play volleyball because we never get used to it but now I know how to play now because I have been practicing some of my skills for learning at home which makes it easier for me to play more effectively.

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  1. Hello Timeus I really Love your reflection but I would to see some pictures