Friday, 8 June 2018

Timeus Camp Raglan Reflection

Hi my name is Timeus and today I am going to be talking about my Camp Raglan reflection, it was really exciting to go to camp for the first time in my year because I have been to camp in a very long time and that is why I am going to be talking about my reflection for camp, In these activities, all of these are based on showing confidence throughout each session of it. In our camp days, we were say to make our beds by ourselves on the first day we arrived at camp, The place was flash and what is cool about it is that you get to see the nice and beautiful view on the balcony which makes it so flash to know what it actually looks like from the top of the mountain and I think that the camp is good place to go to because you cannot stand the view of it, Day 1 is when were starting to do activities such as abseiling and orienteering. In abseiling you get to go down a water fall but you are in a river so you get to go down there., you are equipped with gear on and these gears will help you to go down using the hooks that are attached to your suit, so we had to use it to make our way all the way to the exit. What found challenging about abseiling is that it was very tiring to walk through the river because their are deep gaps that may cause you into falling which can lead to brain trauma and head injury, but now I know that to always stick on the side where there is a lower chance of slipping from the rocks, What I like about abseiling is that it helps me to build confidence towards my success and to also stick with my teammates when in a group or team.

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