Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Timeus Maths Reflection

Hi, My name is Timeus and today I am going to be talking about my maths reflection, The reason why I am going to be talking about my reflection is because is that in our class, we are learning to solve multiplication facts that are higher numbers like 234 X 3 and that is like taking that to the next level. So I had been solve these questions that was there for me to do so that I know what it looks like and also how it works. So I am going to be talking about my first problem that I would be doing to come up with that question, The first question that I had answer is what is 3 x 134, So what I did is that I had to work out what are 4 groups of 3 are or the same as saying 4 x 3. Then after that one I had then times it by 30 because it is like a place value and that will make 90, Then I had to times 100 this time because the 1 from 134 is a hundred so that it can make 100. Then after that I had to add up all of the numbers all together, So I add 12, 90 and 300 as my Strategy and then I have my final answer which is 402. What found this very challenging for me is that I didn't know at first that I don't know how to answer harder questions like the equation that I said which is 3 x 134 but now from learning that from the teachers I think that it made me think quicker and also to always solve it easy then just guessing what the answer is for that question.

So the next one I am going to be talking about is my word problem that I had done, So taking back from what I did, I decided to use that strategy to solve that question that it is on my task, one of the questions that I had done is the 'A' question. It reads 'An orchard has 6 containers with 145 apples in each container. How many apples do they have in total?. So what I would do is that I would use the strategy that I had come up with to solve it and so I went 6 x 5 which equals 30, then I times again 40 this time and 6 which makes the number of 2400 and then after that I then times it again with 100 and 6 which makes the number 600, And so I added all the number together so like there is 30, 40 and the last number 400, Then I add them all together and the answer was 870 and that was the answer of 6 x 145, What I liked about it is that this question made me so shocked that it just flicked into my mind and I actually got the answer right now.

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