Friday, 22 June 2018

Timeus The Milky Way Reflection

Hi my name is Timeus and today I am going to be talking about my reflection, My reflection is about the milky way and also what it is about, In my group, we were talking about The Milky way, How we came up with this is that we discuss the topic that we were going to do in our planning and then on of our answers we came up with was 'The Milky Way'. One of the questions that we wrote were 4 questions, Why is the milky way called the milky way, and where did it get its name??, How many stars are in the milky way???, Why do they call it the milky way and where on earth can you see The Milky Way?. For the first question is where it get the name from and for some reason we know how the name milky way got its name from, What we know is that a gods name called Hera name the milky way 'Galaxias' but then other people in the past-present time didn't even know what that word is or probably have no way to translate the word that they are trying to either speak it out or figure out what that word means, The next question is How many stars are in the milky way?, Now this question is really interesting for me and my group because we had to research how many stars are in the milky way and then we found the answer to it which is 3.4 billion stars in the galaxy, That was a very interesting question for this reflection. Next question is Why do they call it the milky way?, Its the same thing again the person that names is Hera, Last question is Where on earth can you see the milky way?. So where you can see the milky way is the northern side of the world when you looking through a telescope which makes it easier for you to spot it in any day and anytime.

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  1. Hi Timeus
    I really liked how you really painted a picture in my head about what you did one thing that you could really work on is a goal for next time
    but keep up the good work.