Monday, 11 June 2018

Timeus Task Six: Camp Raglan - (Camp Reflection)

Hi, my name is Timeus and today I am going to be talking about my reflection about Camp Raglan, For this task I have been writing a acrostic poem for the words "Camp Raglan". So I had to write the phrases that are relevant to my experience and that starts with each letter.

So this is my task that I had completed:
So this is my task that I have been doing to complete this, These are all the phrases that I have written for the words 'Camp Raglan'. For the C I wrote 'Coming together as a team', For the a I have written 'Accomplish a task', For the M I have written 'Moving in and out', For the p I had written 'Participating and contributing'. For the next word is Raglan, The first word for the word RAGLAN is 'Representing TPS (Tamaki Primary School), For the second letter for the word Raglan is 'Archery Shooting', For the third letter for Raglan is 'Greeting Improving', For the Fourth letter for the word raglan is 'Letting people have a good time'. For the fifth letter for the word raglan is 'A happy ending and the sixth letter for the word raglan is 'Never giving up'. My favorite letter out of all of the words is C and the reason why I chose this letter is because it says 'Coming together as a team' and what that means is letting people coming together as a team so that people can participate and contributing in the task that they are doing.

My question that I am going to be asking you guys is What is your favorite out of this words that I have done?

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