Friday, 8 June 2018

Timeus Technology Reflection Day 1

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Hi, My name is timeus and today I am going to be talking about my reflection about Technology, This blog is going to be a short because we didn't do much work so I decided to just talk about what we did, Yesterday, My group was with Mr grundy which is our teacher for hard materials was teaching how to make a necklace, So what our teacher did is that he sent us a document about ourselves and what do one of us in our family do or loves and why did they choose to do this or love this. So what mr grundy is that he went to google images and he wrote on the url and said silhouette. I didn't know what a silhouette is because I thought that it is like a dress but it is not, it is a shadow of a person or a symbol. So Mr grundy told us to search up images that are related to what the recipient likes. 

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