Friday, 8 June 2018

Timeus What I did In The Weekend Reflection

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Hi my name is Timeus and I am going to be talking about my weekend including some of the things that I have done during the weekend of the time. What I did in the weekend is that I was playing my game called fortnite on my PS4 console when I was doing free time and I also get to talk to my friends about what they been doing and how did there weekend go. I was talking to my cousins because I know that they had did something in the weekend and I wanted to know how there day went. It was very nice to talk to someone that is like bored and has nothing to do so this was the right time to do even if I am getting bored, one of the things that I enjoyed about it is that it was very good to meet new people and friends that I know online and also just to get to know each other better for other things.

This was a short weekend that I did, the reason why it is short is because  I hope you enjoyed this blog post
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