Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Timeus Reflect On 2018 Reflection

Image result for tamaki primary schoolHi, My name is Timeus and today I am going to be talking about my reflecting about the times that I have spent in school. I have been in this school that I was in for 9 years and since then I had been experiencing some amazing things in my life that are depending on the future.

When I was little, I used to study all the time everyday because I wanted to become a better person when I get older and then after those years, I have been learning new things that I have even learnt in a very long time and it made me feel energised and also very focused on my learning.

I went on so many trips with my class and it was like the best thing I ever experience, the best that I went to was the swimming pools and the reason for that is because I liked the water swirling around and also it was a hot day so we could jump into the cold pool to help cool off the steam or heat.

Image result for TeamworkI thinking that I wish to stay at school for the rest of my life because to me I wanted to be able to have a good time with my classmates and also being as part of a family and team and also as a class.

What I discovered throughout my journey at school is that I learn to get along with other people throughout the community because sometimes I might not know that person well and it makes hard for me to talk to him because that person doesn't even know who it I am and what I do for a living.

Throughout the journey, I have been learning new things and it made it easier for me to understand the knowledge that I have gain which was able to work on a new skill that I had on myself for quite a while now and my skill is able to help others in any situation. The reason why I chose this skill is because I would always and sometimes help others people if they are stuck or in need of help and that would makes others happy and just to focus on what the person is doing.

Out of the class, the 5 people that I have enjoyed spending time with was Perenara, Toma, Mahara, Tevita and suave. The reason I chose these five people is because they really helped me on my work and also able to working as a team during school times.

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Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Timeus Freestyle Writing Reflection

On a school trip, there was a girl named lucy and she went on a journey to a school trip. She was going on a school to the zipline at the forest. When the girl was at the forest she come up across a post that was seen from a mile and in that post is a line that was attached to the tree all the way to the the other side of the forest.

The girl seemed really anxious and also nervous because she had never done this kind of trip in a very long time but only including trail walks and more. So the girl went up to the post and but before she had to climb up the post, she had to get equipped with some useful equipment and able to make sure that she ‘lucy’ will be able to fall all the way down the forest. As she was climbing up to the post she was feeling really scared and also nervous because when she was climbing up the post, she was about to throw up because she was afraid of heights and couldn’t even handle the drop that is below all the way to the ground.

When she reached to the top, she was waiting for her turn to attached her hook to the line and able to zip line through and all the way to the other side of the forest. There were only 5 people that are waiting for there turn on the top while there were only 26 kids that were on standby down at the ground. A few minutes later, there were only 2 more people left and still lucy was getting to scared because it will be only her when the rest of the people are all at the other side of the forest and so it comes.

Lucy fear were heights and she was getting really scared of the fact that she had to be confident and also able to ride the zipline all the way to the other side of the forest. So when there were no people left then she decided that she needed a moment to take a break and think it over with herself to see if she can do it.

Then later after that, the instructor told lucy if she is ready to zipline and she said ‘yes’, Her heart was pumping like a motor of the car and it was going very fast and that she couldn’t believe that she was actually going to zipline all the way and it felt like she was about to faint. So the instructor told her to attach her hook to line and then after that the instructor did a double-check to see if she is ready and making sure that she is safe to zipline all the way to the other side of the forest. When she was fully checked then she was ready to zipline When the instructor said ‘3, 2, 1, GO!!’.

She raced all the way through the forest like an airplane flying through the sky and lucy on the other hand was getting so pumped that she actually shouted and cheering to herself and she was going crazy and the fact that she couldn’t even stand the fact that she had ride a zipline for the first time and so she was getting so pumped that she actually told herself that she wanted to go again for another ride.

And so when she at the end of the ziplining, she took off her equipment and she was feeling very excited that she wanted to go on another ride for zipline and being able to excite her with happiness.

WALT: Freestyle write about an image.

Toda our teacher asked us to write a story about a picture. This is what I have written for my writing, The story is about a girl named lucy and she went on a school trip for ziplining.
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Timeus My Zine Reflection

Explanation Writing:
How does Computers help us with learning?

In our learning, the most important tech in the school is using computers for learning. The reason why some schools use computers as there learning is because it helps you to learn how to use a computer in any different means. People have been using computers for the past generation and everybody liked it having computers in schools which is important so that you can communicate with your learning and also being able to save some work on your computer so that you don’t have to look for your work in reality.

Back in the Past, when schools evolve into the world, they would learn in school with books and pencil because computers were not yet invented but last time a famous person by the name of Charles Babbage and he created computers in between 1833 to 1871.

Computers is part of the digital world because it is easy & fast to store anything that is related or anything of interest and also it is really helpful for any information to find and search easily rather than looking in a newspaper.

I think that computers are really important to use because it’s to help us learn much accurate and also able to work faster without using handwork to write which makes it painful sometimes when writing.

Narrative Writing:
How your Oven helps us cook?

At home, There was a man name Jon and he had two parents and also a brother which he considered to be lazy and never does anything or helps rather than cook, Jon was playing his game called Fortnite on PS4 and seconds later he smell something that it would look to be sometimes like dinner. Now his brother was distracted because he was playing the game and he didn’t even care if he even smelt anything delicious, so Jon went out into the kitchen and notice that he saw his parents waiting for a very scary sound to pop and it was going like a clock he notice that it was a timer.

So jon asked his parents “Mom?, Dad?, What are you guys doing over there?”, The dad said “Oh hey their son, We are just cooking something in the oven, Would you like to see what it is we are cooking?” and jon said “Yes Please, I want to see”. Then few moments later he saw something what it appears to a cake in the oven but what he notice from the cake is that it was start to from (In Jon Thoughts) a very muddy thing to a brown gold cake well not gold gold but a little gold-ish. So Jon said “How does the oven work?” and then mum said “Well in order for it to work, you have to turn on a switch that will be able to make hot inside the oven and then once its hot then you put it in the oven and make sure to not the sides of the oven because it could be painful and sore”. And then Jon knew how to make anything using a oven.

Explanation Writing:
Why do we need Shoes?
How does shoes helps us with our body?. Well first of all, Shoes are really comfortable for footwork for example walking and running in the footpath. Shoes help us to protect from getting pricked by prickles in the grass and also to protect from sharp stones or thick stones that may be painful for your own feet.

Shoes are creating by using sometimes foam or a soft substance to soften the bottom of the shoe for better comfortable and better suiting when walking. I think that the reason it is important to wear shoes all the time around the world is because back in minus ten thousand years ago, Many Tribes and people wore shoes but that are part of a skin of an animal such as tiger skin and which it helped them to keep in track of walking rather then wear bear footed but now the shoes are well covered and protective from mud when walking on muddy.

Explanation Writing 2:
Why is it important to use the shower?

How do we use the Shower?, First of all, sometimes we have to be nice and fresh for the very nice beautiful day so that means always taking care of your own body and always stay healthy in any situation and that's when a shower comes in.

You would sometimes find out that when you are looking at a house, you would always see a shower that is built in a bathroom and the shower can be used to shower the bacteria off your body and then you won’t be able to spread germs with other people around you.

IALT: Reflect on My Zine

Hello guys, My name is timeus and today I am going to be talking about my reflection, so what I have is a explanation of what certain things are useful and what shown.

Timeus T4 Reading Tasks Reflection

IALT: Reflect on What the article means.

Hi, My name is Timeus and today I am going to be talking about my reflection about the article that I had been reading which the it is called 'Turning old into New'. This book is about a environment that was full of rubbish and also when you stepped on a piece of bubblegum on the floor, you could see the substance of the gum is very sticky and it makes it hard for the gum to come off your shoe even if you are wearing unique shoes in the world.

So far, what I know about the article is that 'Turning old in New' is something in which a disaster has happened and the only way to fixed that disaster is to rebuild a new generation of one that is disaster and it turned into a fixed one.

I am thinking that the reason why I think this article is really interesting for me is because there are many people that are living in a area/country that is full of waste and rubbish which is making a bad habit for others that are responsible for there own rubbish.

That is all that I know for today and I hope you enjoy this blog post
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Timeus Cooking: Apple Crumble Reflection

Hi, my name is Timeus and today I am going to be talking about my reflection about cooking our apple crumble, The reason why I am going to be talking about it is because today me and the class did some cooking lessons and also we were able to make some apple crumble.

So me and some of the class decided to stay because only one group had to go to the tamaki college for some special lesson and some of us get to stay at school and cook some nice and delicious apple crumble, so we got some ingredients that were needed to make the apple crumble and the being able to get it ready for the next time we come inside from our morning tea.

So for the ingredients we started off by peeling the 2 pack of apples using the potato peeler and peeling off the skin that is located on the outside of the apple. So after when the apples were finished then they were ready to bake in the oven. What they needed to make the apple crumble is that they need sugar to put it in the apple crumble.

And when it was finished, it was ready for lunchtime to enjoy the apple crumble that we made as a class.

That is all for today and I hope you enjoyed this blog post
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Thursday, 29 November 2018

Timeus Kiwisport Reflection

Hi, My name is Timeus and today I am going to be talking about my reflection about the kiwisport. The reason why I am going to be talking about my reflection is because I have been learning something that is really interesting online and so I wanted to tell you guys what I learnt throughout my kiwisport learning.

So today what I have been doing in my session is that I did some warm ups (We did some games) and what we were doing is that we were playing a real game of football and so our teachers setted up the area of the zone that we have been to be in and we have to get to the other side of the goal and make sure that we get a touchdown on the other side of the goal.

And so when they were finish doing the area zone then we were able to start our game of football.

that is all for today and I hope you enjoyed this blog post
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Friday, 23 November 2018

Timeus Designed for Good Reflection

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WALT:Analyse Information from the Text. 

Hi, my name is Timeus and today I am going to be talking about my reflection about my work that I am going to be talking about which it is called 'Designed for Good. The reason why I am going to be talking about this is because I have been learning something from it and it was really interesting to know.

So what I read about was a book called 'Designed for Good' and the book was about three Developers of a pest trap were make a trap to kill any possums that are within the area using the lethal method that they choose for there trap. If they made a non-lethal trap then the trap would actually use a different to either put them to sleep.

In new zealand, there are over 900 species that are snails living in litter trees and the only animals that are still living in new zealand are Kiwis, Otters and Possums. Possums are a problem to the new zealand people because Possums eat little baby eggs for protein and also eat the leaves out of the trees so that they can last longer without having to find some other food.

What do we mean by the native Bush?
So the native bush is a place where back in 19.000bc, there were beautiful landmarks and people were settle in the bushes for better shelter and able to find a place where they can always find food somewhere in the native bushes.

This question I wanted to ask myself is 'Is it important to look after the bush?' and I think that it is really important to look after the native bush because I think that the native bush has a lot of history of the native bush. So I think that it is really important to look after the native bush.

Which animals species were introduced to New Zealand?
Firstly, the possums were the most dangerous living animals in new zealand and the reason for that is because the possums again like to eat the eggs that are laid by there mother at a nearby nest which it might happen to other nest if they were to be come extinct.

Why they were to be brought here in New Zealand?
Well, The reason why the animals were brought to New Zealand is because they wanted the animals to start somewhere where things would be more safer than some other countries around the globe.

When did the damage begin?
So the damage began when the animals such as the otters and possums were coming into our land and started to kill the trees by eating the leaves of the trees and also they also eat the other species that were in the bushes, trees and other more places that they can find as well, and the otters do the same but when they are finish with there scavenging then they are really fast to escape away from there scene at any means necessary.

Why are stoats especially dangerous?
The stoats are really fast that when they are catching a predator, they can catch on in just a second by the time the insect or something is trying to get away from the stoat.

Do we value some animals more than others?
I don't think that we need to value more animals to new zealand because I think that it will bring more danger to the new zealand animals and it makes it harder for the people to catch on of the predators or discover new animals.

That is all for today and one thing I would like to say for this is that I think that it is really important to have pest traps placed around the environment because it is to help the people that is being protected by others and also the animals.

That is all for today and I hope you enjoyed this blog post
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