Friday, 29 May 2015

How Maungarei was created - By Timeus

How Maungarei was created.

Long long ago there were 5 brothers. They were the warriors of the village.
The 5 brothers went into the misty forest to hunt a wild bear for food.

When they were in the forest they came across an evil witch that had glowing diamonds in her hand.
The evil witch give the younger brother the diamonds and the witch said “Take these diamonds and make sure you don’t get them wet”.
All of a sudden one of the brothers saw two red eyes staring at them. They were very afraid and ran away out of the forest.
The younger’s brother Timeus dropped the diamonds and he was too scared to go back and get the diamonds.

Overnight it had been raining. The ground began to shake and tremble.
In the morning, the 5 brothers saw that a mountain had been  created.  They decided to name it ‘Maungarei’.

Written by Timeus & Dupri

Why the kiwis can't fly - By timeus

Why the Kiwis can’t fly

Long long ago, there were five Kiwis and they lived in the bushes, Early one morning their was a father name ‘John’ and he brought some berries for the baby Norvin Green State Forest inkiwis.

The baby kiwis gulped the berries and their wings started to get small.
The Kiwis were getting scared.
“Mama, Papa, help us!! they screeched
The wings started to shrink.
The Mum shouted angrily, “Show me where you got those berries from!”.
Dad leads the Mum out into the forest to look for the berries.
To this day they are still looking and that is why Kiwis can’t fly.


Monday, 11 May 2015

Totem pole facts - By Timeus

The Native kea - By Timeus

We are learning to take notes in our information by using it in our own keywords, kea's are very cheeky and mostly they eat fatty foods and junk but mostly they don't eat good food, The kea's cannot die because it's being protect by the 'DOC' people. We want our people to protected these plump kea's every in the south island.

How fire was brought to niue - by Timeus T2W4

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Nga Kaitiaki o te ao Maori work - By Timeus and Wallymei

This is a presentation about the seven gods that we came up with in our work
We were looking for pictures for our work so we can understand
what the seven gods were.