Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Imaginative Recount Rising Up From The Sun T4W3 2015 - By Timeus

Rising Up From The Sun

When I woke up in the morning, I saw the shiny sun rising out of nowhere and I was looking at it and my eyes were sore, So I didn’t look at the Sun. I went out for a walk in the fresh air sun outside and I still looking at the sunshiny right in front of the planet. I thought I like to go camping in the sun but I was to hot and sweating. So I went home and turn on the fan. Moments Later the sun went down and the moon was up, I was ok because I was hot and I like it when the sun goes down, I slept again and the Next day the sun didn’t went up, I Slept again without going outside. And the sun came up again. And that’s how the sun rises up in the sky.

Imaginative Recount T4W3 2015 - By Timeus

First Stepped On The Moon

I was going to sleep and after I Slept, I had a dream about becoming an Astronaut and about Stepped on the Moon for the First time. I was signing up as an Astronaut for me to go in the rocket to see the solar system, So I got sign up for the US Space Department. It was my first mission to go up in Space and see all the planets and Asteroids. I walk all the way to the
rocketship and the speech was ready for me to blast, He said “3, 2,
1,BLAST OF!.” So I blast off into Space.

I was Imagining about sleeping in the planets with my blanket and pillow, After when I was Imagining, I arrived in Space and I was happy because I saw lots of planets from across the Solar System, I thought the planets were not real but it was real. So I went to my first mission which it was the ‘Moon,’, So I had a flag in my Rocketship and I was ready to go to the ‘Moon,’ It was far away from the ‘Earth’ to the ‘Moon.’

After Moments later, I finally reach the ‘Moon,’ So I land the ship on the ‘Moon’ safely on the ground, I got out of the ship and touch my foot on the ground, I realized that I thought it was soft like pillow cushion But now I had my first Footprint in the ‘Moon.’  

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Digital Learning Object T4W3 2015 - By timeus

Practice Recount T4W2 2015 - By Timeus

First in the Morning at school last Wednesday, We went outside for Kiwisport, The sport of it was “Basketball,” And our coach for today's Kiwisport was named as “Adrian,” He was a basketball player of the team, When we meet “Adrian,” We sat down on the ground and listen to the coach to what he says, Then after that we play a game called “Octopus.” Octopus is a game that you need to try and run towards the front without getting Tagged but it had three Taggers. So when coach “Adrian” went “on your Mark, Get set, Go,” And then we started running towards the front.

Suddenly when we ran to the front without getting Tagged, One person got tagged from another tagger, He was crab now, He can only move his arms around to Tag the person put no moving with his legs, So After I kept side stepping (Dogging) around the Taggers. After that another person got Tagged to, So after that he was the tagger against the three Taggers, When we made it into the front, We had to run all the way back to the starting line, So I was ready to run until I realized that I got tagged, So after that I became a crab to, I had to try move my arms without moving my legs, I was trying to tagged the people that are not Tagged but I didn't Tag anyone.

Friday, 23 October 2015

Magic Box 5 T4W2 2015 - By Timeus

Magic Box 2 T4W2 2015 - By Timeus

House Creation From A Sun T4W2 2015 - By Timeus

We are learning to create a house that help's to keep the sun from of the house outside

Magic Box 3 T4W2 2015 - By Timeus

Magic Box 2 T4W2 2015 - By Timeus

Magic Box's T4W2 2015 - By Timeus

Word Web's T4W2 2015 - By Timeus

We are learning to choose a word for the week and try writing the words that are the 'Same' or the 'Difference'.
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Thursday, 22 October 2015

The Sun Poetry T4W2 2015 - By Timeus

WALT: to create a Poetry about the sun by using the adjectives in our work
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Friday, 16 October 2015

Student Lead Maths T4W1 2015 - By Timeus

WALT make Independent Study Choices
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Creative Writing T4W1 2015 - By Timeus

Rainbow Rocket!
Big, Fast, Shiny
Fighting, Exploding, Disappearing
As Strong as the Sky Tower
Running towards the Solar System
Thinking ‘I can get to the solar system quick!’
Praying he will stay playful
Light, Sparkly, Bursting
Chasing, Digging, Wishing

By Timeus

Thursday, 15 October 2015

The Sun Note Taking Tasks T4W1 2015

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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Target Number T4W1 2015 - By Timeus

WALT use a range of operations to create a number
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