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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Recount Writing: 'The big reveal' T3W1 - By Timeus

WALT write to recount a past experience.

Use this space to plan your writing:

Start writing your recount here:
First yesterday, We went to ‘Bootcamp’ at my school and it was a Whole school Event, I Felt happy. My teacher Shout out my name and she put me in my house ‘Alamein’, And the rest of the them got four house’s, ‘Tobruk’ , ‘Benghazi’ , ‘Alamein’ , And ‘tripoli’ , After that me and the Whole Class went outside at the dots.

Then our Teacher’s called our houses, And my house and rest were putting us in four events, After that Me and my house went to the first event. I felt Excited and more happier. Our leaders put us into four groups, ‘One’, ‘Two, ‘Three’, And ‘Four’ groups.

After that we swap between fitness for our Events, I was doing Sit up’s and I felt that I my legs were sore And I had a break. Then I have a buddy named ‘James’, And he help me hold my legs and I started to do the sit ups

Finally we Switch around Events, Me and my house went to the Medicine balls, I picked up a ball and it felt very heavy, Me and my group have to run from start to the end Two times, While that we are still went to events of fitness, I was feeling Tired and My legs were about to get sore and after that I take a break at the dots, Then after that the teachers say a little speech and then we headed back to our class, The class felt tired and they had a break.

Chunk Of The Week T3W1 - By Timeus