Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Timeus Saving our Seahorses 2017

WALT write about what you Learnt about the article, What I read, My opinion of this text and Reasons to support my opinion.

Timeus Instructions for Screencastify

WALT write down the Instructions on how to use Screencastify on the netbooks

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Timeus Getting our Jackets

Getting our Jackets

I was finally excited to get my jacket Yesterday at Tamaki Primary School. When I first saw it, Their was a Hidden pocket where to take the hoodie out or Tucking the Hoodie inside the pocket. My jacket was a XL (Xtra Large), It suited me and also it looked comfee on me, The other students went to try it on too but some of the other Students didn't get to have a jacket. I got a note from one of the teachers said to me that my jacket will be arrived on Friday 31st March. So in the morning I take my notice to the office to get my jacket. Now I saw my Last name on the back bottom of the jacket, I was so excited and shock that it had my name on the back and just wanted to say Thanks for the jacket. 

Timeus Highlights for 2017

Highlights for 2017

1. My first highlight was going to the 2017 polyfest at Bowl, Manukau. Seeing different cultures and Celebrating the years of the Polyfest.

2. My second Highlight was learning about how to use shortcuts and Taking a screenshot with Mrs Shearing. And the one thing that I learned is about what is Cybersmart? and How does Cybersmart work?

3. My Third Highlight for 2017 was going to the sleepover at school. It was a lot of fun at the sleepover, We had dinner at night and showing some talents that they have in the night.

And that is my highlight. I don't have enough to say but just to reflect on what Me & The Syndicate Year 7/8.