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Thank you Columbus Cafe card - By Timeus

Dear Columbus Cafe

Thank you Columbus Cafe for fundraising our sports uniform and We hope that you guys work very hard on making coffees for fundraising. You are the best guys at the Columbus Cafe. I hope that you keep fundraising so our school can buy Flash sports uniform.

By Timeus  

Matariki - By Timeus and Wallymei

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Spelling Tasks - By Timeus

Roman Gods - By Timeus

WALT find information about the Roman Gods
WALT make connections between the Roman Gods and the Maori Gods.

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Number Of The Week T2W8 - By Timeus

Fantastic Facts - By Timeus

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The Native Kea Report - By Timeus

(The Native Kea Are Amazing Birds For You)
(By: Timaeus, Wally Mei and Jose)         

WALT - To write an information report that informs the reader about our native kea.
The Native Kea
The opening statement that tells the reader what this information report will be about.
This is followed by an interesting fact.
This information report is about keas/mountain parrot. Did you know that kea’s (Know as the mountain parrot) live in the south island of New Zealand, Some kea’s live in different places instead of the cold mountains
But these kea’s cannot be kill because it was being protected by the ‘DOC’ people.  
Paragraph 1
3+ sentences about the appearance of the kea.
Did you know that the kea’s can called it a plump (means chumpy). These kea’s have a shorted beak with a hooking beak (Can be use to climb mountains).The kea’s also have yellow eyes and yellow feathers around their body.
Paragraph 2
3+ sentences about the habitat of the kea.
Did you know that these kea’s lived in the south island of New Zealand and in the cold mountains where people go to the ski park.
Paragraph 3
3+ sentences about the diet of the kea.
Did you know that kea’s eat unhealthy food and junk food from the ground,The kea’s don’t those sort of food like vegetables, apples and fruits.  
One of your most interesting facts and thank your reader for reading.
It may sound hard to believe, but did you know that Keas are considered to be as smart as monkeys?  They are such intelligent birds which is why we should keep looking after them as a native bird in New Zealand.  Thank you for reading.  If you want to find out more you can click this link.

Key Vocab T2W1 - By Timeus

Description Brainstorm T1W9 - By Timeus

Number Of The Day T1W8 - By Timeus

Acrostic Poem T2W4 - By Timeus

Less facts and events
Event past of the story
Giving a gift to a person
Events and interesting facts
Native facts

Descriptive writing

Description about Malama Honua - By Timeus

WALT write a description about our Malama Honua experience using our five senses.

I could hear the long low hum of the conch shell and
The mighty sound or the children performing the haka at the beach,I can hear the Malama honua crew singing a traditional hawaiian song in tune together, I could also hear the blades of the helicopter sounding like a war, I can hear another noise from People performing to dance like hawaiian, I hear something like The heart beating so fast and so hard and excited, and
The boat going so fast and slow.

I could smell the salty sea from the ocean, I can smell
the fresh grass from the beautiful green grass,I can smell
The petrol from the engine of the tug boat coming across the ocean,I could smell the sweat from the bodies of all the hot children sitting in the hot day sun,can smell the muffler of the bus at the bustop,I could smell
the dusty sand all around the beach,and
the muddy mud across the ocean, I also smell
People’s car petrol and the fresh air from my whole body.

I could taste the sea salt in the wind of the sky,I could taste
the green grass,flavoured like green vegetables from a garden,I
can taste the salty sweat coming down my forehead and I can taste the blue sea across the ocean.I can also taste
the muddy mud in the deep ocean and
the sparkly gold in the sand.And I can taste
the falling leaves from the beautiful trees.

I could see A blue shining water blowing across the sand to the water, I can see the TV people filming us on the camera from all the schools to the news,I can see the rainbow of colours from schools around the beach,I can see the crowd getting happier and happier from the beach,I can see
Sparkly gold sand like glitter from the beach,I can also see
the students performing the haka in front of the audiences and I could see
people coming to the beach with a boat.

I felt hot because of the sizzling hot boiling sun,I felt
tired when the haka ended,I also felt
bored when I was sitting in the sun,I felt so
proud of our community for performing a haka in front of an audience, but also for our ancestors and I also felt
Exhausted on the bus coming back to school.

Fantastic Facts - By Timeus

Compare and Contrasting - By Timeus

Miss Kirsty Goodbye Card - By Timeus

Dear Miss Kirsty,

It is very sad that you are leaving because you’re going to the Auckland  Zoo for your new job.  Before you leave ,I wanted to say thank you for coming to our first school at 2013. You really encouraged other students and you were great at patrols when the students were following you to the crossing. We hope that you have a nice day at your job.

Written By Timeus   

Hero Words - By Timeus

Description Senses - By Timeus

Number Of The Week T2W7 - By Timeus

Target Number T2W7 - By Timeus