Monday, 31 July 2017

Timeus - Kiwi Can Reflection T2

Image result for ResilienceIALT: Write a reflection about Kiwi Can Reflection on Tuesday

On Tuesday, We had our Term 2 Kiwi Can from our finished holidays. I was so excited to be back at Kiwi Can with room 9, We had our Kiwi Can teachers from school and our topic is that we were going to be talking about is Resilience. By the word Resilience, It means that you never give up on what you do or trying as best as you can. So we got into group and we had to try and act that topic by pretending to do that act for example, Sad, Angry, Annoyed which are emotions but with music. We tried our best to do that act with the music, Oh and the people in their group's had to guess the emotions so that the other group can do their thing. This is helping resilience by trying your best and never give up. The next activity that we did was that we had to create a act and trying to post that to show resilience. What I found about this activity challenging was that it was helping me show resilience by doing that act from the pose and it was easy to do it. 

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