Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Timeus - That Sugar Film Part 3

Today I am going to writing about my work that I done with my friend 'Kira'. We were doing That Sugar Film part 3 to answer the following questions on slides to answer them. The reason why is because we, Room 9 and Room 10 were watching the film again called 'That Sugar Film'. Here is a Google Presentation of my work that I completed with my buddy 'Kira'.

In this task, We are learning to reflect on what we learned from the film, So what me and my buddy started with is finding the definitions of the words that came up from the movie. So me and my buddy started to research about these called 'Manipulate'. I found out that this word was difficult and I didn't understand the word I was talking about with my buddy, And then I found that the word 'Manipulate' 'with my buddy' is like your can handle yourself or control a tool which you can move it around and thats when I got the right answer. But what I really found out about this was challenging in what I researched of the 5 words that were in the film. That is all that I reflect on because I didn't had time to reflect on the other sugar questions.

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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Timeus - Foods that Comes From Plants and Animals

Today I am going to be talking about my reflection of what my buddy 'Elijah' did as buddies. Our job was to create a Google drawing and figure out ways that foods come from by researching some fruits that come from. My buddy searched up some fruits and 'I' went to research of where it it came from using my own words but I instead us pictures and wrote down a title of these things. This is a drawing of my work that I done with my buddy.  

So this what we come with, On the left we had fruits and Veggies that come from Plants, So what we put up with me and my buddy is that we wrote a lot of veggies and some of the fruits. And the next I'm about to show is the things which meat comes from is Animals. But me and my buddy only searched up four so we had Cow because cows produce milk for people, Chicken, Pig meat can be found in supermarkets and horse. These are the Fruits, Vegetables and Meats that come from Animals and Fruits and Veggies come from Plants.

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Timeus - That Sugar Film Reflection

Today I am going to be talking about sugar and the 4 types of sugar that can affect other people. I am going to be show you guys a Google presentation slide of what we and my buddy 'Alo' just finished on. This will help people to eat the right sugar and reducing some of the percentage of fat to help people reduce weight. I am going to show a slide tittle called 'What is refined sugar?'.

This slide shows a question about 'What is brown sugar?'. Many sugars have different kind of colour and it may affect the percentage of fat. But white sugar has almost a lot of fat but Less high of carbohydrate. This is what I wrote on the right side of the slide, 'Refined sugar is a raw sugar that this may have low fat in it and it can able to wipe down the fat out of your body. Even in farms they can be found raw sugar.' What I mean by raw sugar is that some of the people in our countries like raw sugar because it has low fat inside. But for most of the people like white sugar because they describe it has great colour but a lot of fat. The sugar film has one of the tester that test the sugars from foods and drinks is 'Damon'. He has been eating sugar for years in other countries and went to see people that had sugar. And also this film is a documentary which is true. 

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Monday, 29 May 2017

Timeus - My Maths Reflection #2

Today I am going to be talking about my maths question #2 and this time I am going to be writing it down and showing an image of the work that I have written just today and talking about myself of How I find that question challenging and interesting. This is an image of my writing that I had just save onto my folder.

This was the problem that I have answered to these two Question. #1 Ava drew this diagram to help her work out how much chocolate each person would get. And the #2 is this, ' I want to share 7 chocolate bars amongst 6 people, Draw a diagram petra could use to help her work out how much each person would get. I think these two are to find very difficult because some side questions didn't understand me at first but then I just have to work it out using a diagram to solve the problem. And that just flicked my head.

  Okay, My next one is the second question. 'I want to share 7 chocolate bars amongst 6 people.' I think this question might be a bit hard because I had done this before but it made me think that I had done this problem before and it also flicked my head and made me feel shocked that I nearly got the question right but I think that I worked it out quite a bit. If I want to work on these two question before my test. I'll have to do some questions with pen and paper so that I can memorise the question but with my own words.

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Sunday, 28 May 2017

Timeus - What I done in The Weekend

Hi everyone, I am going to be talking about what I did in the weekend. I went to the park at school to play some basketball and some of my friends came over to the park. Me and perenara went to play one vs one and I lost the game but sI had a lot of fun at the park. Then I went to practice my shooting at basketball so that I can become a basketball player and being on a NBA team just like Steven Adams. And my position will be 'SG' (Shooting Guard) and 'PG' (Point Guard). What I also done in the weekend is that I went to my aunt's house to pay a visit before leaving to go to burger king. But my mum told to come over to burger king. Then after that we went home and cooked us some sausages with bread, Onions and mustard. It taste really nice and I enjoyed a little breakfast before going to the park. Then I went to the park again to test out my skills by myself and to just make sure that I practice before our Kiwi Sport on Monday.

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Timeus - Cultural Foods

On friday, Room 9 and Room 10 talking about Cultural Foods. And which one of these foods looked healthy and it might be important for our Diets. That is why I am going to be talking about my favorite cultural food that I like but first I am going to be showing you guys a slideshow of all the instructions that Room 9 and Room 10 had to do.

This is a Google slide presentation of it and this will help me and my buddy Jose recap on what we learned in our classes.
Ok, I am going to be showing you a Google drawing of the things that we or all of you know about Raw Fish, The reason why I chose raw fish is because it has tomatoes inside it, Lemon, coconut and the green stuff that effects its food. So I am going to be showing you a Google Drawing.

This is what me and Jose did. Jose one was kind of funny but it is really interesting and I like how he describe it with the food Raw Fish. And my part (The blue one) has meaning on why I chose this food and which food group of this might belong to.

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Friday, 26 May 2017

Timeus - Kiwi Can Reflection

Today I am going to be talking about Kiwi Can Reflection Day 5. We were so excited to go to Kiwi Can to learn about our new topic called Responsibility. Today we were just talking about responsibility and how it works, Responsibility is like cleaning that you have done or taking care of your family or kid even if your family is not home. We've been talking about our topic for 1 minute before we moved on to energiser. In this we had to act in a play with a group using a prop. Like this group that Had done a act for themselves but they done it as a group.
 This was funny because aumau done a whip using a lava lava to act like he's making a loud bang but using the whip and it cracked me up so hard. Next one that I am going to show is picture of the next group that had done their act on their own.
This is another photo of Metui and his group doing a act of a funeral and it made me laughed and it was to much fun for me. I think this group might be good at acting but will find out soon. Then the last photo I am going to showing to you all is a group.
This is another photo of a group praying by laying the lava lava or mat on the floor. I think this might reference to the people that went to church praying for god and learning about god and it made me feel like I wanted to go church.

Timeus - Wearing Glasses at School.

Today I am going to wear glass. This is because the doctor that checks peoples eyes said that I have to wear glasses. I was so shocked that people might tease me but I think I've got confidence and I was able to wear them at school. I also felt silenced for wearing glasses but this will help my confidence but I think I will get over it. I'll have to make sure that I have to wear this glasses for 4 hours to wear them and then I can take them off at Morning Tea and Lunch.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Timeus - Maths Reflection

Today I am going to be talking about my maths question, The reason why I am going to reflecting is because I want to show to you all that the questions that I have answered might depend of the feelings that I had while answering this question. Here is all the questions I have solve. I might not have the answers for the questions but just to let you know.
 The first question that I have answered was question 'a'. At first I thought that this question would be difficult but then I got help from Mrs Kelly and it really helped me well. The second was easy, The third one was kinda hard because their was 5 pizza slabs to share 4 people but I reflect on the question that I have answered on the 'a' question. And the fourth one was too easy for me to solve. But I really enjoyed maths in the way through my learning.

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Timeus - Technology 'Graphics' 2017

Today Me and my group went to 'Graphics' for the rotation. Inside the room was a lot of equipment and computers. I was so excited to be in 'Graphics to see what it is all about. Before we went to work. A english Teacher named as Mrs ferguson was our Graphics teacher, She introduced us to her class and letting us get started. What were supposed to do was to create a google drawing of a blank white drawing. Then we had to share the google drawing to Mrs ferguson. Then we had to find images that we like or what sport we play. I am going to show a google drawing on this post. I been repeating this drawing by posting but again I will show to you all how it works.

This is a google drawing of all the things that I like. The first one I like is Basketball, Then my favorite team is Golden state warriors (GSW). Clothing, Arm Sleeve, Long Sleeves, My favorite console is a PS4, My favorite food is KFC and Burger King, My favorite show is The Fresh Prince of Bel-air. My favorite computer is Windows 10. My favorite phone is an iphone 10. My favorite car which I like the most is a lambo. My favorite website is YouTube and my favorite culture is Cook Island.,

Timeus - Second Technology Reflection before Rotations

Before my group left woodwork to go to Graphics. I just wanted to reflect on what I did in woodwork with Mr Grundy. What I made was a cruise ship but with wood and it turn out to be great because I wanted to make a safe so that I can put money on my safe but I didn't have time to draw one so I ended up making a cruise ship so that I can become a sailor to catch some fish for my family. This might be able to try and drive a ship or a boat for people to ride or taking the tour to new outcomes. I think that I like doing woodwork because I wanted to make something that might woke and to become mechanical of using parts to make it move. I think what me and my group should've done before rotation was to learn about coding so that I can create a game or a real game to impress the world and my family on naming a company for people that wanted to sign up or recruit for new developers. But I think the only way to learn from that is to learn Graphics and trying to study more about Graphics and coding with the best I could. 

In graphics, We had an English teacher for Graphics was mrs Ferguson because I saw a flag representing the United Kingdom but is a English person. This teacher is was excited because she saw us coming and she was getting a bit nervous but she was confident. Then I heard what we were going to with our netbooks was to create a google drawing to transparent some images of our favorite things that we like and what kind of things that we do. Then we were going to clocks with the google drawing again but we had no time to do it.

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Timeus - Technology Rotation 2 2017

Today I am going to be talking about our rotation 2 of our Technology Day. Group 3 went to graphics to start doing some work on our netbooks with Mrs Ferguson. We were talking about how to transparent the photo into the google drawing without the background of the image. But we had to fill out a spreadsheet to make sure that Mrs Ferguson sees our blog of what we done at school. To find a image that is transparent, You have to search up a image of what you want, It can be any of the images but some might change. So go to google. e.g. Basketball.
 Then after that you go to 'images' and click on tools to access different ways that suits you.
And it will show different tools like Size, Colour, Type, Time and Usage rights. If you want see more tools then you can just access the 'More tools' options on the top right-bottom.
This is and example of myself that I have done and what the favorite foods, Sports and clothes.

This is a google drawing of all the favorites images that I done but it is being transparent with all of the images.

I hope that this will help people to put images for their family's by using transparent.
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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Timeus - What is Sugar?

Sugar has carbohydrate inside that contain fructose and Glucose. Here is a slide about What is Sugar?

This slide will help people to try and not eat to much sugar so that they can have a better body. And also the foods will stay for longer like jam, Canned, Bottled fruits and Vegetables. This is a better to not waste your food so sugar is helps us as well quite a Bit

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Timeus - PINK SHIRT Day

My name is Timeus and I am going to be blogging about PINK SHIRT Day, Pink Shirt Day is a celebration that is to help stop bullying from different areas like schools and Libraries.

What I put up?
What I put up is a slide of PINK SHIRT Day, This may be useful and important for people that are being Bullied. And also this will put a stop to the bullying and we can help them be respectful by show the school values Manaakitanga (Positive Relationship), Tukimarie/Rangimarie (Show Peace),  Ako (Showing good behavior towards learning and Whanautanga (Caring for others). 

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Timeus Smart Footprint : Online Profiles

We often form ideas about people using the information shared about them online?

Smart Footprint Online Profiles.png

Use the information from their online profiles to describe your idea of their personality.

Think about their interests, characteristics, what is important to them, what do they care about, what is their nature?

Word Bank - Vocab you can use to describe
Tip: ctrl-shift-Y to search the Google doc dictionary for synonyms

Name: hyperlink to profile
Your impression of this person based on their online profile
Their personality, characteristics, values, qualities.
  • He earn’s money for his success and victory
  • He has a unique name
  • He a strong spirited man
  • He fights for his country
  • He showed the value of Rangimarie and Tukumarie and never gives up but always try.
  • Respecting the values with care and keeping on trying.
  • Always go church so that he can be strong and protected by god.
  • Always well protected and meeting fans from the country.
  • His name is the king of the world because he work’s hard
  • Just giving it another try

Monday, 22 May 2017

Timeus - Food Group Pyramid

Today I am going to be talking about the Food Group Pyramid and the favorite food that I have eaten and Choosing the foods that are unhealthy or Healthy. And also these foods are the different types of cultural foods that can be found in different pacific Islands. 
Eat Most
For the first one at the top is the Eat most part, What I have written on that part is Otai, Otai is like a fruit drink which is healthy and can be found in Tonga. The second cultural food that I like is 'Coconut'. This is a fruit which one of the type of cultural fruit that can be found in every Islands. The next one that I like is Smoked fish and this is one of my favorite foods that I like. Its like fish but you smoked the fish using the fuel tank for the stove cooker and Eel. I like it because its to make me strong and healthy.

I can't actually write it down but I will update this post if I get any time

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Friday, 19 May 2017

Timeus - What do my actions say about me?

WALT: Identify what my strengths are and what I need to work on with my learning habits.

Timeus - Kiwi can Reflection May 16th 2017

On May 16th 2017, Room 9 went down to Kiwi can to learn about kindness and to show integrity to each other. Room 9 and we played a energiser game called 'Animal Control'. In this game. There are four groups in this game, Each will get a animal noise for their group, Then the group start with the noise that they chose. So if a group is dogs and the other group is tigers. This first group will say 'BARK BARK FROM THE DOGS TO THE TIGERS', The other group will do the same until the group gets out. For me it was fun because we were trying to stay on the game but our group got out. But I had a lot of fun and I enjoyed the game. Then after that, Room 9 played a game which it was a practice round. We to copy the move with a animal and then we had a real competition to see who can win. I won against the girls but I was in the boys side and I had enjoyed a lot of fun at Kiwi Can. I wished that Kiwi Can could do outside activities in the court so that we can get fresh air and playing in the outside way. 

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Timeus Vegetables Whare Tapa Wha

WALT reflect about the four walls of Whare Tapa Wha that we made using vegetables and fruits to talk about it and what it means

Monday, 15 May 2017

Timeus - Saving our country

How can you save your country?

By not starting a world war 3 (WW3). To stop from that happening, We need to stop the president's from fighting each other or else they might attack their country and no one will be saved. Even if they have a meeting about something that is going to happen. How does WW3 starts?, It starts off with a meeting at the hall and they talk about things that are happening in their country and making things worse in the country. But then they would start to argue about their attitude and the Violence that happen between Black people and White people.

But the president of the united states of america was going to bring battle against the Korean chairman of the Korean Party Kim jong un, Which happens to be bad and can cause another battle for a third WW3 and also will cause it to drop a nuke into either USA or South and North Korea. So that’s why people must try and reduce the wars and committing crimes.

For example: If something pops up on the news and said that trump is fighting against kim jong un, Then you should go to the united states and go the the white house and ask trump to stop causing troubles and just try and keep the country safe for them  

Timeus - Vegetables Whare Tapa Wha

WALT: Write a reflection about making a Whare Tapa Wha with Vegetables.

The other day we were making a Whare Tapa Wha with Vegetables to represent the four walls of Whare Tapa Wha. The first that we need was a Aluminum Foil, Cardboard, Vegetables and Tooth picks. First we grabbed some of the fruits and vegetables and cut it on a cutting board so that you won't get grease on your table. But first you have to put the Aluminum Foil on top of the cardboard and then putting your Veggies and Fruits on the cardboard covered in aluminum foil. Then you just spread it out but making sure it represent the Whare Tapa Wha and the four walls. Then we get tooth picks or sticks to make a house out of tooth picks. So you insert the tooth pick inside the fruit and start making a house. 

I found this difficult because my house keeps falling apart and I have to stick back on again and again until I get it to keep steady. And also not able to make a house in time but I think that I had fun of making a house. 

Timeus - Kiwisport (Basketball) Reflection

Monday 15th May, Room 9 and I went to Kiwi sport outside the Basketball court. We had two instructors that were going to teach us how to do a chest pass, bounce pass and a Overhead pass but by taking one step forward. Chest pass is a way to try and catch the ball faster than just taking your time, Bounce pass is another of getting to bounce pass the ball under the defender and letting the offender non - ball catch it, Overhead pass is a way to throw the ball over the defenders head. We learned the 3 pass but we had to do 20 pass with each passing stance. What make it easier to pass the ball was the bounce pass because it is sometimes useful so that you can pass the ball to the person.

Then after that we doing a drill called Miami drill. It a drill that 5 people has to stand like a zigzag but behind the line and the person has to run the ball and pass the ball to the non - ball person and he has to pass it back again until he gets to the end and then score a goal with a layup. What it found challenging was that the ball was covered with water all around and I nearly slipped it off my hand but then I catch it.  

Than after we played ball tag. So it was a Boys vs Girls game but the yellow t-shirts had to go to the girls team. In this game we had try and tag them using the ball but not allow to run and tag the person using the ball. But their were white lines but we were not allowed to step outside the white lines or else you might get out. But what made it easier to try and not get tag is that I have to run around the white but not out of the line without getting tag which is a easier way of trying to move away with the girls but not getting stuck in the corners.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Timeus ANZAC acrostic poem T2W1

WALT write a acrostic poem for ANZAC day