Friday, 31 March 2017

Timeus Caring our Environment at Home 2017

Caring for our environment at home is also another way of taking care of our Tamaki environment.

The environment at home is a special place for everyone so it’s important to show Manaakitanga at home. This means building positive relationships with our family members and keeping homes tidy so it is safe to live in. If we do not show Manaakitanga then people may be homeless and may be sick. Houses around New Zealand must be nice and tidy so no sickness would occur around the house. The important thing is that you must take care of the house and paying insurance and power for the house or else things in your home might be a blackout. Sometimes houses have companys to make sure that anyone owns a rented house checks to make sure that the house has no cracks on the Walls and no Scratch on the Upper Roof.

Timeus Smart Learners: Passwords

WALT: Talk about many ways making our passwords harder for hackers to login. And many ways of making a password in different websites.

Timeus Digital Dig Slide

WALT Reflect on how to access Keyboard Shortcuts by Holding Ctrl + alt + ?/ and creating a video or Photo so that it can be shared in public.
Digital Dig is a Cybersmart Learning that's help people how to keep themselves safe and ways of using shortcuts for Editing, Browser and Links.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Timeus Kia Manawanui Reflection Year 7 / 8 Syndicate

I am reflecting on what we done last week and the things that we done as a family or Syndicate.

Kia Manawanui Year 7/8 Syndicate 2017 By Timeus

Thursday 16th March
We went to the polyfest 2017 with the Year 7 / 8 syndicate. We were so excited to celebrate it for 42 years ago and now a new future has started. And the reason why I’m writing this is because to help people celebrate the polyfest for 42 years and letting them review on what we are doing.

On Thursday 16th March 2017. Year 7/8 Syndicate were excited to visit the polyfest 2017 at manakau to see the polynesian groups performing on stage. But first we had to check our bags by opening our bags and searching in our bags. When we passed down to the entrance we waited for our teachers to tell us what to do next. Then one teacher Mrs Aireen told to get into our groups and we had to stay in that group until we get to the bus at 2 : 30.

The first stage that we went to was the Maori Group. Maori group is one of the languages of New Zealand and was found by polynesian tribes 1,000 years ago. We saw some different culture people at the maori group but it’s alright to join any culture group. A lot of people came to watch the Maori group perform at the polyfest. I felt encouraging on their performance and giving them a try on their performance. The next we explore the polyfest but we had to stick together or else we can’t find the person that is lost. First one of our group wanted to get a drink or smoothie from one of the shops that have it. So we waited until the group came back together. After a couple hours we waited for the whole group to come before coming back to school.

I saw my group tired of the polyfest and some of the people were sleeping on the bus. I felt tired of the trip. What we should’ve done was staying at the polyfest for a little bit before getting on the bus. Next time after the polyfest I should try out the flava radio.  

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Timeus Digital Dig Tips

WALT write down Chrome tips that people may use

Timeus Taking Care of our Environment

WALT write about 'Why Taking care of our environment is important?'
I didn't get a chance to write the Reason 5 in the slide.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Timeus Division Maths Problems

This is my work of a my division Maths and solving the questions using my multiplication knowledge and Times table to solve the problem

Timeus The Secret Life of Estuaries

WALT write about facts in the text and summarise the text using that text from the book

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Timeus & Elijah - Buddy Reading Reflection Before Continuing on Work

Today Room 9 and our Buddy class Room 3 were writing facts about Eels, Where they live?, Why is an Eel an amphibian?, What do they eat? and the 3 Different types of Eels. First me and my buddy Elijah were talking about eels and Where did they live. So we searched for our first question 'What is a habitat?'. So me and my buddy searched for information about the question. It popped a definition of what it means. It reads 'Habitat is a natural home or environment of an animal'. So I typed it down on my google slide of what it means by habitat. I skipped the second slide because it to challenging and the question was 'Why is an eel an amphibian?'. The next slide that I've did was 'What do eels eat?'. So I searched it up and it said ' Eels eat incest larvae, worms and water snails, and then I wrote it on my slide.   

Friday, 3 March 2017

Timeus What is Pollution? Uni - Structural and Multi - Structural

WALT Write about Pollution using Uni - Structural and Multi - Structural

Timeus Technology

On Thursday 2nd March. Me and my class Room 9 went to Technology at Tamaki Collage for the Fourth lesson. So we got separated into 3 groups with the same Technology teachers and my group that I am in was group 3. So we went to our class in Collage and my group were doing artistic and measurement class. Our teacher was Mr. Grundy and we were drawing pictures of different objects with only a pencil. The first thing I draw was a house because the sides are thick like a real house and the roof is like a shape of a triangle. In the middle of the house it was shaped like a square it really tell me what kind of house is shaped like or why I wanted that Object. So I wrote it down on the side of my 'House' drawing to tell my teacher why I think its best for my sketching. Then Mr. Grundy told us to stop what we are doing and looking at the tool table and watching of what he's doing. What our teacher is saying is that we had to draw our chosen object using the measurements from our teachers table.   

Timeus Pollution Writing

There are 4 types of Pollution that occur in the world

Water Pollution
Water pollution is a combination of water bodies. It contains rubbish in the water that may be poison to Fish's and Animals in the ocean. Water pollution also makes smoke come out from factory's leading the pipes to the bottom of the creek and can create a dangerous creek for people to swim. Water might get dirty from rubbish, Plastic bottles

Land Pollution
Land Pollution is also the same as Water pollution but different. Land pollution is the earth's surface which affects people on where they put their rubbish in. When it comes to people in the land sometimes they can't breath because of the dust that spreads around the world with bacterial that may be bad for people and kids inside their houses.

Noise Pollution
Noise Pollution is different to land Pollution and Water Pollution. Such noise like Trucks and Bulldozers have very use of Rear equipment to move the dirt but also cause noise that are to loud or may hurt the persons ears. If a bit of work for constructors will try and not use the the trucks than the people will not get irritated by the noise

Air Pollution
Air pollution is a gas of smoke from factories takes the gas out of the big pipes and spreads the smoke all around the nearby places. Factories have type of poison types inside the smoke which is called Carbon monoxide and with that it makes it a dangerous poison for people to die fast or being sick.