Monday, 7 September 2015

Game For Writing T3W8 2015 - By Timeus

Game for WritingThe Maze Runner Dashes to #1

When I was inside the Maze, I heard a strange sound coming from the distance, So I went to the strangest sound in the distance. I found a star inside the maze, My eyes shine in front of the star like the twinkles star’s in the sky. Inside the star there was a message that said ‘Last point to win’. So I put the star in my pocket and starting to find the next star in the maze. When I was continuing on my journey through the Maze. I found a another star and there is another message in the star, This time it said ‘You won’. And there was a Portal at the end. So I went inside the Portal and I was inside the Real world in the future.
Writing by Timeus    

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