Monday, 7 September 2015

Topic: Scratch Game Project Writing T3W8 2015 - By Timeus

WALT write a persuasive argument, by using OREO
Topic: Scratch Game Project Writing


I believe that play games like in Scratch makes their brain feel Better when they starting to make their own game



My first reason is that games can be challenging. So that means that when other people the games. They made the games hard and it makes the people feel more challenging and impossible.

My second reason is people can make games with coding. So that means that when people get brainer, People get know how to do coding and it helps their brain to work fast.

My third reason is that some people can copy off people's Coding. So that means when they don’t know how to make a scratch project, They sometimes copy off their codings some of the people.

That is why we make Scratch project so people can give feedback to the games, And I believe that it is important to not copy their Codings of else they get into trouble.

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