Monday, 30 October 2017

Timeus How can you be a Good Citizen? Writing

How can you be a Good citizen?

What is a citizen?. A citizen is a person like a innocent one that always showing respect from around the commonwealth. In the past, They would use the word Citizen to others in a show or interview in front of the audience. Also a person with good behaviour to others. The reason why they call them other people ‘Citizen’ is because the people are like spectators when they are watching something and also a introducer that presents the show would welcome all the other people to the event. For example, A person is addressing his speech to the whole state about the problems that have occur throughout the world. In order to be a good citizen is that you must do the right thing even when no one is looking and also showing the school values in that type of why.

Police usually called people a Citizen and the reason why they called them that is because they are part of the law and they have to tell others something that they don’t want to see so that it is easy for them to know which is either a Cop or just a normal person. Another way of being a good citizen is that you must a good reputation. What it means is that when you do something good than people may realize who you are and they would that the person is famous, But if you are not showing the right path then others may know that you are the bad citizen and other innocent might stay away from you. Why do you have to be a Good Citizen?, The reason for that is because it’s to help you get a better future when you have grown and you can have a better Job and again a Future. And also able to earn money throughout the day so that you can survive instead of being homeless.

Today I was writing about How can you be a Good Citizen?. The reason why it is important is to be a Good Citizen is because it's to show the people who you are and what have you done. You can do that by helping others even when they are stuck then you can help that person. What found challenging about this writing is that I was stuck because I didn't know what it means by this question but now I know that being a good citizen is about having a good reputation.

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