Monday, 16 October 2017

Timeus Indigenous Games Reflection

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IALT: Write a reflection about how games and talking about Indigenous Games.

Today I am going to be talking about how games are made and also able to learn ways that were created. Games is like an activity that are made for people that like to do because it helps them to get well on human being and also its a physical thing to do when playing a game and other more. I am going to be talking about two games that I like, The first game is Rock, Paper, Scissors and another game called Gandalf circle. What I remember about these games is that it is like a physical thing to do because when you play that game you kinda get the hang of it when you know how to play that and helps your brain to developed more in you learning about games. I think Rock,Paper,Scissors comes from a person that used to do when that kid was like a inventor. This person used a rock and Paper to match the game of how it works and also scissors to cut the paper and then after that he used his hands to figure out how it work with a real rock, paper and scissors and combine that into playing it with hand. If you guys don't know how to play Gandalf circle game then I will tell how this game works. You get in a circle with either 5 or more if you like and you have to get the amount of sticks for each person in the circle and you have to hand them over to the guys that are standing in the circle. Then one person will say either left or right and whoever drops their stick losses. I think this game come from the movie 'lord of the rings' because how that character had a stick in and he used it in the circle of that scene in the movie and everyone copied it in real life.

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  1. WOW Timeus,
    Great reflection about our inquiry topic which is Games.Great Job Timeus for your readers to know information about what we do at school.Great job and Keep up the good work!.