Thursday, 22 February 2018

Timeus Technology Graphics Day Two

Design Brief

Who are we designing for?
Who will make the design?
Who can design something?

What are we going to design?
What is this design?
What is a reason for making a design?
What time do we make the design?
What are we going to use it for?
What design is going to be made from?

Where is this design?
Where are going to be putting at?
Where is going to be display?
Where can you find a design?

When will this happen?
When will the design be finish?
When can you use the design?
When is the design display?
When is going to be made?

Why are we making the design?
Why do we need to use it?
Why are we making this design work?
Why do we need tools for the design?
Why do we need this design?

How can improve this design?
How do I make this design?
How does this design work?
How will I do to create this design?
How are we going to create this design?

I am going to be design a phone stand for my family because my parents sometimes holds their phone with
their hand and it makes it so tiring that they have to carry their phone with their own hands.
It is good for me to design this Phone stand for my family because so that they don’t have to play videos or
play games on their phones while carrying it with their hands.
Today we had technology for this day. For tech, We were learning to know how to create a phone stand with different types question that we are asking the question about how can we create this phone stand. Sometimes when you are excited about buying a phone for yourself or your family and you get so pumped up about your phone. Then you started to watch videos and sometimes you think that holding a phone in your hand is so tiring and bored that you have not enough space to carry some of the things that you wanted to carry. So for making this phone stand, I think that it is helpful to make a phone stand because you won't be able to watch videos while holding your phone yourself, Why not just get a phone stand or if you don't have on then you can use a some kind of objects to hold the phone so that you can enjoy yourself or your family and friends watching videos on youtube without having to hold your phone which is the best idea for a phone.

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  1. Creating a phone stand?!? What a FABULOUS idea! I like that you thought of your family as a reason for doing this Timeus. That was very thoughtful of you.

    I look forward to seeing images added to your posts so your readers can see the progress you are making with this project!

    Nice work Timeus!