Friday, 7 August 2015

Olympic Sport Shot Put Information Report 2015 T3W3 - By Timeus

My favorite Olympics sport is Shot put
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This information report is about a famous maori player in shot put in the olympics is Valerie Adams and she was born in rotorua, She was a champion of shot put and she won 5 gold medals.

Paragraph 1:  
Did you know that Valerie Adams sign up for the olympics? She wanted to be a olympic player and she wanted to be olympic shot put champion in the whole wide world.

Paragraph 2:
Including Valerie Adams, Did you know that there are other Olympic players like Joe Kovacs, Lin dan, and more. But some players do other sports instead of ‘shot put’ . Their is swimming, High jump, Javelin and more.

Paragraph 3:
Did you know that shot put was made by Harlem GlobeTrotter but also the name another on that is like shot put is hook shot but it only in basketball,

Olympic sports is a game which it was invented in japan and they were building a athletics  highjump, shot up, Javelin and more and Biking. they use it because they wanted people to try the olympics so they can get medals and they can be the champion of the olympics.

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