Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Timeus Badminton Writing Reflection

WALT write about Badminton Reflection in Document 
On Monday 27th February. At Tamaki Primary School, Room 9 had badminton at the hall at 9:35am. At badminton The instructor Ben was reflecting on what we did when we last came to Kiwisport. He was talking about how to our backhand & forehand using the shuttle. This time he told us how use Right Hand forward & left hand Forward to hit the shuttle instead of standing their hitting the shuttle. First Ben (Our Instructor) showed an example of what does it mean and how to do it. First (For Back hand Forward) he put his right Foot behind and Left foot on front, Then he step his left foot forward and Right foot Forward and hitted the shuttle. We practice that then we had a Rally (Challenge) to see who can hit the shuttle for ever with their partner while doing Right hand Forward & Left hand Forward

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