Friday, 24 February 2017

Timeus PAT Maths 2017

Hi my name is Timeus and i am going to reflect on my PAT maths. What I found challenging about PAT Maths is that it was hard to answer the questions and I think that its alright to make mistake at less I tried my best. PAT maths is interesting because it will help my learning develop my maths skills. Trying and working on my maths operations. How will I become better is to start working on divide by and using that to solve a way of getting the answer next year. And my goal is to use divide by's to use it to solve my strategies and develop my strengths in my learning. The only way to become a better learner is to run around the playground so that I can fill up my Energy & my brain.   


  1. Kia Ora Timeus, my name is Lupe and I am a year 6 student.
    I really like how you described your feelings about PAT tests.
    My PAT test was really challenging as well.
    Were you confident about the answers that you have chosen?

  2. Hello Timwus my name is Danny and i am your blogging buddy for this year. I loved the way you describe your self and what you do at school.