Monday, 15 May 2017

Timeus - Kiwisport (Basketball) Reflection

Monday 15th May, Room 9 and I went to Kiwi sport outside the Basketball court. We had two instructors that were going to teach us how to do a chest pass, bounce pass and a Overhead pass but by taking one step forward. Chest pass is a way to try and catch the ball faster than just taking your time, Bounce pass is another of getting to bounce pass the ball under the defender and letting the offender non - ball catch it, Overhead pass is a way to throw the ball over the defenders head. We learned the 3 pass but we had to do 20 pass with each passing stance. What make it easier to pass the ball was the bounce pass because it is sometimes useful so that you can pass the ball to the person.

Then after that we doing a drill called Miami drill. It a drill that 5 people has to stand like a zigzag but behind the line and the person has to run the ball and pass the ball to the non - ball person and he has to pass it back again until he gets to the end and then score a goal with a layup. What it found challenging was that the ball was covered with water all around and I nearly slipped it off my hand but then I catch it.  

Than after we played ball tag. So it was a Boys vs Girls game but the yellow t-shirts had to go to the girls team. In this game we had try and tag them using the ball but not allow to run and tag the person using the ball. But their were white lines but we were not allowed to step outside the white lines or else you might get out. But what made it easier to try and not get tag is that I have to run around the white but not out of the line without getting tag which is a easier way of trying to move away with the girls but not getting stuck in the corners.

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