Monday, 26 June 2017

Timeus - Pasifika Reflection talking about 'Taste of Tonga'

WALT: Share about my 'Pasifika' slide Reflection but I am going to be talking about my Google Presentation about 'Taste of Tonga.

Today I am going to be talking about Google Presentation about Pasifika but not only I am going to be talking about my Google Presentation slide that I had done by myself. What I wrote about this was talking about what it likes in tonga and history about tonga. The reason why I am doing this is because people what to know the polynesian islands of the south side of where New Zealand is. Here is a slide of what I did and what I wrote about Tonga.

This is a slide of the tittle, 'Taste of Tongan'.

I had been doing some research about Tongan. The first thing that I had done was that I had uploaded a image of the map of tonga and the flag which represents Tonga. Then on the side of the writing is the researched that I have for example, Part of the whole tongan population, In 2015, The population for tonga is 106,170. and this year the population for the year is 107,797.

This is another slide of the 'Tongan Nagtu
This is a tapa cloth on the left and this image on the left shows a drawing by someone that had done a polynesian Tapa cloth. This tapa cloth represents the people that were in the islands long time ago and others become a god and protected the people and the sea. This image shows two fishs protecting the turtle and stars are gathered around the whales and the turtle. This patterns have a name for the fishes.

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