Monday, 12 June 2017

Timeus - Whitewater Rafting Reflection

WALT: Write a reflection about Whitewater Rafting.

Today I am learning to talk about my trip to Whitewater Rafting. It's a reflection on what I did in the Whitewater Rafting. It was in New Zealand on 770 Great South, Wiri, Auckland and it was not far from our school called 'Tamaki Primary School'. Our teacher from our school Mrs Thompson made the trip by inviting Room 9 to go to White Water Rafting at the Vodafone events centre. I was so excited to go to the trip on Friday because it was our last day and also we get to wear our own clothes for our fun day at the Whitewater rafting. At first I was scared to go on the waterfall but I felt confident and I gave a second chance of trying to get to the other side of the water and the steps. But I also felt happy that I am having a lot of fun at the Whitewater Rafting. What I faced the consequences or challenges is that I nearly feel over the raft but then what I learned from the instructor was that when facing a big wave. I use the ropes to try and hold on when facing a waterfall and bumps from gaps.

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